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We no longer buy just products or services. In fact, we increasingly buy brand experiences. Companies like Apple Inc. have been successfully monetizing this trend. Apple’s brand communications is so effective that people wait outside Apple stores for hours to purchase the newest iPhone model. The magnetic pull of iPhones is also evident online: users are actively sharing the images of their new purchases and their brand experiences. These posts in turn strengthen the appeal of iPhones even more and influence the purchase decisions of other people. Many iPhone users are dedicated brand ambassadors who actively market iPhones. This community-driven marketing has been successfully shaping perceptions of iPhones, and has strengthened the position of Apple Inc. as a one-stop shop for high-quality tech devices.

Such brand monetization is a complex and challenging task. The brand economy we live in is saturated with competing brands. To win over consumers, brands cannot just simply offer counter-offers. It is not enough. What they need to focus on is effective brand communications. Without having a solid brand communications strategy in place, their chances of influencing purchase decisions are limited. It is no longer enough to have a top-notch product or service. There are many products or services of superb quality competing for the attention of the same audience. What can differentiate brands and give them a competitive edge is one-of-a-kind communications of their value proposition.

I help professionals and companies successfully operate in the brand economy. I use D’Effect Factory as a creative platform for d’effective brand experiences. I share here my insights on d’effective brand communications (brandcomms) and turn my knowledge into actionable consultations. I think that the success of any brandcomms strategy depends on the d’effect factor: both personal and business brands need to communicate their value to their target audience effectively, competitively and with an innovative edge. This idea underlies my work: I assess each brand’s individual needs, long-term goals and present-day communications to suggest a brandcomms strategy that aims to deliver brand experiences that exceed customer expectations and increase brand competitiveness.

Brandcomms strategies quickly become outdated. They require constant upgrades – just like any software – to better respond to shifting market dynamics. However, in contrast to software, the process of upgrading brandcomms is not so straightforward: there are no clear-cut fixes or blueprints. Crafting an up-to-date brandcomms strategy requires blending what has already proven to be effective with what has the potential to generate significant brand value. Professionals and businesses alike need to find d’effective positioning of their brands to ensure their competitiveness and resilience to market shifts caused by the rise of transformative technologies and rapidly progressing digitization of our lives, to name a few.

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