NDX Ventures 2.0

Unicorn chasers have one thing in common: they are on the lookout for innovations which have the potential to transform entire business ecosystems. Their goal is ambitious: to disrupt business-as-usual practices with attractive counter-offers. Once disruptive innovations enter the market, its dynamics shift. They challenge the position of well-established players and bring new rules to the game. The next level of the game takes place up north, where startup ecosystems thrive. The local startup infrastructure facilitates the development of innovative solutions which have the potential to disrupt industries and reshuffle cards in the market control game. Local entrepreneurs are developing solutions which not only address customer needs but also exceed them unexpectedly.

About | NDX Ventures in 70 Seconds

NDX Ventures is a Northern innovation info-boutique, which has taken the challenge of covering innovations developed in the Nordics and Baltics behind the scenes. Despite their solid value propositions, Northern innovations are still poorly explored worldwide. Part of the reason is the fact that information about Northern innovations is still scarce. NDX Ventures addresses this gap by collecting and processing that information into Ar(c)ticles. The main aim of Ar(c)ticles is to present well-structured information about Northern innovations and to highlight their uniqueness in the global context. Ar(c)ticles also act as a platform for brand communications: Northern innovators can communicate the value proposition of their brands in a flexible and personalized format. Moreover, Ar(c)ticles aim to convey the global ambitions of Northern innovators and position their brands competitively.

NDX Ventures is also a platform for innovation-related projects. To better understand the behind-the-scenes work of Northern innovators, it seeks to experience innovation development hands-on. It aims to find innovative solutions to knowledge crowdsourcing which could help enhance one’s innovation development know-how. Collective intelligence has still been poorly utilized: innovators tend to over-rely on their internal expertise, and overlook the potential of external expertise. One of the biggest advantages of external expertise is the prospect of diversity of thought, which enhances the effectiveness of decision-making, streamlines the process of innovation development, and increases the global competitiveness of one’s solution. Having in mind this, NDX Ventures taps into the potential of Northern collective intelligence, and explores its practical applications in the form of Projects.